New DJI Phantom 5 Photos Leaked?

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    New DJI Phantom 5 Photos Leaked?

    The rumor has been around for some time that DJI was planning a Phantom 5.

    News Ledge first published an article regarding the rumored DJI Phantom 5. We know it’s coming and it’s a safe bet we’ve seen prototypes thanks to certain Twitter users. Sorry, DJI. I’m not buying the explanation of a one-off interchangeable lens Phantom 4 Pro for an enterprise customer.

    Though, give the company some credit. It’s not your usual boilerplate denial. DJI’s statement has a bit of plausibility for enthusiasts looking to glean any piece of information. Below are the images in question.

    Now, if it was strictly for enterprise, DJI could have easily told the customer the Inspire 2 is a solid camera drone. Or the Matrice lineup. Why spend that much on R&D for a one-off? The two options mentioned above are orders of magnitude cheaper.

    DJI Refines Geofencing

    None of the images showed anything relating to industrial applications. They do show lenses with varying focal lengths, which is something fans have been clamoring for DJI to put into the next-gen Phantom 5 camera drone.

    What About a Christmas Phantom 5?

    You don’t need a magic eight ball to tell you all signs point to no for a 2018 release. The addition of OcuSync 2.0 to the P4P V2.0 screams DJI is comfortable heading into the holiday season with its current camera drone lineup. Hard to blame them when the company outright controls the market. It would mark a break from past release cycles which included the Mavic. When it was first launched, it was mere months later the Phantom 4 and Inspire 2 were announced.

    With next to no leads on a release date, I’m inclined to circle the week after CES for the company’s next big announcement. The Spark took its bow around CES. A DJI Phantom 5 announcement would have the crowd buzzing for weeks. Continue reading about the rumored P5 drone.