Critical Firmware Update For DJI Matrice

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Critical Firmware Update For DJI Matrice

DJI released a notice to all of its resellers regarding a critical Firmware Update For DJI Matrice stating,

“To further improve flight safety and user experience, DJI has released an important firmware update for the TB50/ TB55 intelligent flight batteries. “

The update optimizes the battery level tracking algorithm to more accurately track power level and flight time and should be done immediately.

There are various ways to update the batteries but generally, users would  Download and install the DJI Assistant 2 software at : 


  1. Make sure the batteries and the transmitter are fully charged.
  2. Remove the props from the aircraft
  3. Install the batteries on the aircraft then connect aircraft to your PC via USB.
  4. Turn on the aircraft
  5. Launch DJI Assistant 2 software
  6. The software will recognize the aircraft. Once this happens click the black button in Assistant 2 that says “orange” and then click on the firmware update button.
  7. See the list of available software and update the aircraft firmware to V1.01.0500 (Matrice 200 Series).

When the update is completed, turn off the helicopter and take out the batteries and set them aside for 90 minutes. After 90 minutes they will be ready to fly again.

If you have more than one pairs of batteries, please swap and repeat this process to update all of them. 

The same procedure can be accomplished with Via the DJI GO 4 application.

Note that Updating via the DJI Pilot application is not currently available but will be added soon. 

After the update, check your aircraft firmware version and ensure it is V1.01.0500 (Matrice 200 Series

If your aircraft firmware version is not above-mentioned versions, please use DJI Assistant 2 for updating. 

Once the software is fully updated reboot the aircraft again and watch the Go4 application for 2-4 min to be sure no further updates are available.