Study Reports Perception of Drones

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Study Reports Perception of Drones

New survey done by Pew Research show Amercan’s thought about Drones.

Drones are catching on as consumer goods. As of mid-2017, 8% of Americans say they own a drone and 59% say they have seen one in action, according to a Pew Research Center survey. But while drones – that is, aircraft without on-board human pilots – are more prevalent than they were a few years ago, many have reservations about where and under what circumstances their use should be allowed.

The survey shows modest differences in rates of ownership by gender and age. Slightly more men (11%) than women (6%) say they own a drone, as do more people ages 18 to 49 (12%) compared with those 50 and older (4%).

Americans vary in how they react to the sight of a drone nearby and what rules they think should be applied to them.

About one-in-ten Americans would be angry or scared if they saw a drone near home

Slight majority of Americans think drones should not be allowed to fly near private homes

Older adults are less accepting of drone use in a variety of venues