D.O.A. Road Trip: Gulf Shores, Alabama

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Gulf Shores Alabama

D.O.A Road Trip: Gulf Shores, Alabama

While travelling thru South Arkansas we made a stop at the Lake Village Welcome Center. Here you are able to pick up free copies of Arkansas Highway Maps, along with information about Arkansas Tourist Attractions and Arkansas’ own Westrock Coffee, restrooms, and water fountains. The sights as you can see are beautiful.


Traveling on, we scurried thru Mississippi and arrived late in the evening in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The photos to follow are the next morning, my first trip out to the beach. Each morning I walked over to the beach to catch the Sunrise, often seeing Dolphins chasing bait fish along the coast.


We stayed at the Beachside Resort Hotel which was half the cost of other hotels located on the beach. Although not a 5 star hotel, it was a perfect room for our trip. We had room 211 which was a corner room and had a slight view of the beach and perfectly located across Bahama Bobs Beachside Cafe. It just happened to benext door to an Arkansas native owned Flip Flop Deli Shop.


We took advantage of the local Restaurants which are highly recommended. The prices of the local food was a little high but that was to be expected. What wasn’t was the portion sizes. We had several leftover containers by the end of our trip. Some of the places we ate at were Lulu’s Gulf Shores, Flip Flop Deli Shop, Bahama Bob’s Beachside Cafe and Landshark Landing in Pensacola, Florida.


There was a ton of things to see while visiting Gulf Shores, Alabama. Some of our sightseeing included Fort Morgan Historic Park, Fort Morgan Public Beach, Pensacola Public Beach, Pensacola Lighthouse Museum and the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. I highly recommend them all.

This was a great trip and could be done on a small budget. Even in September, the temps were in the 90’s and the crowds were small. Enjoy your visit to Gulf Shores. I sure did and I WILL be back.

Drone Disclaimer

For the Drone Pilot, certain places were inside Class D Airspace and Drones were not usable. Orange Beach, Alabama requires FAA 107 and a permit issued by the city before your visit. Of course, all of Pensacola is NFZ. As far as Gulf Shores… I was flying around like a kid on Christmas morning. Obey the standard FAA guidelines and use your common sense. The experience was positive with bystanders, many who approached to ask the typical questions. All pics were taken by a DJI Mavic Pro w/ND8 filter and DJI Phantom 3 Pro with ND4. Also used was the Samsung Note 4.