10 Drone Jobs That May Be Worth The Move

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10 Drone Jobs That May Be Worth The Move

Let’s face it, we all want to get paid to fly awesome drones. Having a killer Drone related job for a large company could certainly have a Cool factor, but where do you find such a position?

Simply doing a search for “Drone” at www.Indeed.com is a great start. You can even have Drone jobs sent to your email. Here are a few of the coolest positions from today’s listing.

  1. Identified Technologies – Corpus Christi, Tx – UAV Remote Pilot
  2. iCodeSchool.com – Frisco, TX – School Director
  3. HUB Media Company – Phoenix, AZ – Drone Pilot/Camera Man
  4. Applied Aeronautics – Austin, TX – Drone Pilot
  5. The Drone Racing League – New York, NY – Manager Locations and Community Relations
  6. ArdentMC – Tulsa, OK – Drone Pilot
  7. White Cloud Drones, LLC – San Antonio, TX – Digital Media Creator / Marketing Assistant
  8. Oklahoma State University – Stillwater, Ok – Student Media Coordinator
  9. American Cruise Lines – Guilford, CT – Video Editing Specialist
  10. HAKS Engineers, Architects, and Land Surveyors – New York, NY – Photographer / Videographer

Look thru 1000’s more of Drone related position HERE