FAA Releases Local Law Enforcement Instructions

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The FAA released a video with instruction to local Police agencies regarding drone use enforcement and it’s causing a stir.

Law Enforcement ALERT: Your authority allows you to take action in response to reports of unsafe and unauthorized drone operations! Watch our new video to learn how to take action, and when to report incidents to the FAA’s Law Enforcement Assistance Program (LEAP) agents. 

Many FAA Certified 107 Pilots are demanding the video to be taken down due to the video missing key details relating to Part 107 operations and feel that it is a poorly done propaganda video.

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This is a  perfect example of why the FAA should not be the organization in charge of overseeing the drone industry. They can’t enforce, educate, or market their own laws accurately without causing confusion, contradiction and the spread of inaccurate information that they created in the first place! They don’t have the proper funding, training, or workforce to oversee this space and this propaganda video is just one more example.

To our Police. We respect the laws. We respect you. Please wait for us to land before approaching us. 

Mike Minnix is the guy at the FAA in charge of drones The deputy director of the FAA was at a top administrative job and held that position for the majority of his time there WITHOUT a pilot’s license. It’s a BIG case of the blind leading the blind. And, it fits our government’s SOP. If you can’t outlaw it, regulate it to death.