New Drone Owners Must Register With FAA

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New Drone Owners Must Register With FAA

Looking to buy a drone or expecting to get one for Christmas? You’re not alone. And now, you may have to register that drone with the Federal Aviation Administration before you can launch it.

The FAA announced regulations in 2015 stating drone owners have to register their device. A Federal judge tossed out those rules in September. But just this month, President Trump signed a bill restoring the regulations. The owner must attach a drone I.D. number which is then linked to the owners name and address. The owner also has to pay a $5 fee.

The FAA says registration enables the agency to check in with drone users and make sure they understand they are accountable to the public for flying responsibly. Any drone that weighs more than .55 pounds needs to be registered. Otherwise, the owner could face civil and criminal penalties.

Click HERE for FAA Drone Registration?