Above Lake Hamilton in Beautiful Hot Springs

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Above Lake Hamilton in Beautiful Hot Springs

Ronnie Cates of Aerial Concepts in North Little Rock is a full service Aerial Drone Photography business and shot these beautiful photos of Lake Hamilton. 

Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas was created by Arkansas Power & Light in 1932 with the vision of harnessing the natural power of running water to generate hydro-electricity. This would ensure the town could continue to support growth. 

Lake Hamilton is over 7,000 acres of fun and not to mention some of the best fishing in the state. Residents and tourist alike get out on the water to cool off during the summer.

At any given time, one would see jet skis, inner tubes, pontoon boats and skiers taking advantage of the spacious lake. Off of the main channel, you can find residents floating along in their canoes, paddle boats, and even simple inflatable rafts. Much of the lake is lined with condos, houses, and restaurants.