Are Underwater Drones The Next Big Thing?

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Are Underwater Drones The Next Big Thing?

The first personal Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) kit with auto-piloting and auto-adjust lighting technologies that makes it simple for anyone to explore or capture amazing underwater photos and videos like the professionals.

BW-Space’s manual or autonomous piloting controls, automatic LED lighting adjustments, and superior power is designed to be affordable for both hobby and/or commercial uses.

  • BW-Space is the first underwater drone with smart imaging, tracking, and lighting for effortless piloting and videography
  • The BW-Space underwater camera uses artificial intelligence to first discover, then lock its targeting onto, and then automatically follow anyone in the water.
  • The BW-Space underwater lighting sensors solve the problem most beginners have with too much, too little, or erratic lighting as your drone films at different depths.

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