Pictures form Drone 101 Class

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Members of Drones Over Arkansas held it’s first Safety based Drone 101 class at Foghorns in Fayetteville this weekend. Drone owners and hopeful new owners were shown basic instruction of Flight Control, Flight Safety, FAA Law, Product and Tools info and related details in hopes to help educate and provide a source of information and promote safe flying in NW Arkansas.

The Drone 101 class was sponsored by Unmanned Vehicle Technologies, the regions only, authorized DJI Drone Dealer who specializes in Industrial, Commercial and Public Safety Drone equipment all around Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. UVT has launched their consumer website with hopes to be the area’s one stop shop for product, information and repair.

More classes are to be expected with the addition to more advanced classes geared towards business, and specialized classes, such as Photography and Video.

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