Aerial View of Greenwood’s Downtown Square

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Aerial View of Greenwood’s Downtown Square

This week’s latest snow storm brought Greenwood Arkansas resident Keith Williams of Diamond Media Company out to photograph the town’s snow covered downtown square.

Greenwood was founded in 1851 when its location was selected for the first county seat of Sebastian County. The first court house was a log structure, replaced in 1865 by a frame court house which was built in the center of the public square. This courthouse later burned and in 1916 the courthouse was relocated south of the square. Since that time the square has become a city park and site of many festivals, city picnics and celebrations.

A F4 tornado destroyed most of Greenwood on April 19, 1968, killing 14 people and injuring 270. Damage was estimated at $1.5 million.

The clock and bell tower that stands in the middle of town square was designed and built in 1976 in recognition of the United States’ bicentennial. The bell tower houses the clock and bell that was once in the courthouse that was destroyed by the tornado. The clock and bell were used in the bell tower to recognize and remember the 14 people who died during the tornado.