NWA Pizza Chain Grand Opening Caught By Drone

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NWA Pizza Chain Grand Opening Caught By Drone

Fayetteville based Eureka Pizza held their 2nd annual Pepperoni Rally at their brand new location at 826 N Leverett in Fayetteville. This year’s event broke last year’s attendance record as the store offered $1 large pizzas to the local U of A College Students.

Rolf Wilkin, Founder of the popular chain had reached out to Drones Over Arkansas last week to tell us about their upcoming event and wanted some aerial photos and video.

Local Drone Pilot Perry Auxier of Capture Crew LLC applied for FAA Approval using LAANC per Title 14 CFR Part 107.41 and was approved for the date’s operation. Per Federal Law, an FAA certified Pilot must be used if a Drone is going to be used for business purposes.

Wilkin plans to use the photos and videos in upcoming marketing campaigns and on the companies vast social media network.