Drones Invade The City of Lowell

City of Lowell by Drew Shoptaw
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Drones Invade The City of Lowell

The NW Arkansas chapter of Drones Over Arkansas Drone Club may have found themselves the perfect place to dial in their flying techniques, create new friendships and pull some fantastic aerial photos..

Ward Nail Park in Lowell offers a large field for flying with little obstruction.

One Pilot states, “We like this park for several reasons. It’s outside the FAA restricted areas, it’s a vast and open area and we can fly safety without disturbing other park go-ers”

The DOA club consists of several FAA Registered and Certified UAV Pilots, Professional Photographers and Hobbiests.  The club is divided into chapters across the state, with NW Arkansas being the “Headquarters”.

Ward Nail Park is located at 801 McClure Ave in Lowell. Fore more info on the park, contact the Lowell Park’s Department at (479) 770-2185.

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Photo Credit: Daryl Chappell, Drew Shoptaw, Mark Wallenmeyer, Matt Miller