Monte Ne Like You Have Never Seen Before

Credit: M. Miller - Rockin' Hog Media
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Monte Ne Like You Have Never Seen Before

Monte Ne is an area in the Ozark hills of the White River valley east of Rogers, on the edge of Beaver Lake, in Arkansas. From 1901 until the mid-1930s the area was a health resort and ambitious planned community. It was owned and operated by William Hope Harvey, a financial theorist and one-time U.S. Presidential nominee. Two of its hotels, “Missouri Row” and “Oklahoma Row”, were the largest log buildings in the world. Oklahoma Row’s “tower section” is one of the earliest examples of a multi-story concrete structure. The tower is the only structure of Monte Ne still standing that can be seen at normal lake levels. Monte Ne introduced the first indoor swimming pool in Arkansas, and was also the site of the only presidential convention ever held in the state.